Easy Ice Cream Sundae

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Health and Wellness, Healthy living | 2 comments


  • Ice cream – Vanilla
  • Peanut butter (or any nut butter) 
  • Pecans (or nut of choice)
  • Cinnamon
  • Baking chocolate chips 

Everyone loves a sweet treat, right? Today I want to show you guys how I make a super easy, and pretty healthy, ice cream sundae treat! You can substitute any of the ingredients with your favorite toppings. Obviously, the main ingredient to start with is ICE CREAM! 

I usually keep a few healthy ice creams on hand, like Halo Top or Enlightened when my sweet tooth arises, but sometimes we just use good, plain french vanilla with all the carbs and sugar. Start by adding a couple of scoops to your bowl. And then comes the fun part!  I like adding some healthy protein like peanut butter (or any nut butter you like) and add a good, heaping spoonful and mix it into the ice cream. Don’t be stingy with the peanut butter, guys. THEN, I add in my crunch! I like to add roasted pecans but you can add in any nuts you have on-hand. On that note, do you say PEE-CAN or P-CAAN? Tim and I say it differently, like many things, which is always fun to hear the differences in our phrasing. 

Next, I sprinkle in a little bit of cinnamon on top, and add some Lily’s baking chocolate chips! You can add any kind you have on-hand, I just like these kind because they don’t have a lot of sugar, and are sweetened with stevia instead. And then, voila! You have a super easy, super tasty treat!


  1. James (Jim) Carroll

    Really looks like a great combo Demi. I too love ice cream, but in moderation, so hey when you are going o have some, YES go for it and make it really a treat. I like all the ingredients in you receipt…especially the starting vanilla ice cream, cinnamon (Umm so good on and in many things), and both the chocolate chips (including white chocolate as a rotating option!), and nuts (again rotating among several for variety or to do my own taste ranking. I also like dates and raisins with nuts in oatmeal, so I might try those options one at a time or in groups too, adding and/or subtracting ingredients from you blende too. Thank you Demi, and YES always nice to see you again too….. always as a most special addition to this delicious ice mixture too…:):).. I hope you and your dogs are well too.

    • Daniela Aguirre

      I loveee ice cream even more now!! 12 weeks pregnant !! So… i loovee the adding some crunch to my ice cream. Please pray for my morning sickness and vomits to go away!
      God bless and TGI


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